Finders Keepers: From the Quotidian to the Political Stage


The Poetry of Trump Continues, Thrives

Reporter and humorist Hart Seely “has turned the Republican presidential front-runner’s words into verse in his book “Bard of the Deal: The Poetry of Donald Trump,” out Dec. 15.”

Publisher Harper Paperbacks lauds Trump’s literary bona fides. “Like a colossus, he bestrides the cultural world as if it were the bottle-strewn boardwalk of Atlantic City,” it proclaims.

Robert Lee Brewer Suggests Shopping Poems

And more from where poetry crosses with quotidian: In his Wednesday poetry prompt on the Writer’s Digest blog, Brewer suggests that you take shopping as your inspiration (given the time of year, I suppose). From the FPR perspective, that means mining lists, product descriptions, in-store signage, and whatever else you can find.

Crowd-sourced Fiction on Twitter

Twitter recently rolled out polling functionality, and it did not take long for people to begin using it inventively. Fiction author Jedediah Berry has begun a sort of crowd-sourced Choose Your Own Adventure story called Untine.

Untine is a story being written using Twitter polls to let readers choose what happens next.


The “Rhythmic Beauty” of the MLB Rule Book

The MLB Cut4 blog has found poetry in the rules of the sport they call their own. They describe the Official Rules as “mostly straightforward,” and yet:

…if one wades through the breadth of the rules, a rhythmic beauty emerges. Ripped from their context, sentences take on added meaning.

Madison, WI Seeks Transit Poets

We love it when poetry appears in public spaces. The Irene Hixon Whitney Bridge in Minneapolis (with a John Ashbery poem). The Whitman quote that appears as you rise from the Dupont Circle metro station in DC, and so on. Madison, WI Metro Transit is now taking poetry submissions for its busses.

The annual Bus Lines poetry contest is open, with anyone having a knack for stringing words together invited to submit their poems, prose poems, haikus or excerpts from your longer poetic works to the bus service.


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  • December 2, 2015

    Sue Neufarth Howard

    Poetry Prompt – Wonkapoem
    Using words from the wrappers on Candy Wrapper Archive

    Bitter Sweet Meet on the Street
    With desire for munchies, 3 pigs
    stroll up 5th Avenue, pick up
    a giant chocolate Santa Claus
    at the Take 5 Lunch Bar
    chew away big time till
    spotted by hot Sassy Sally.
    She snickers up the wazoo.
    Oh Henry, oh Johnnie, Almondo,
    I wouldn’t give a tuppance
    for your tween meals bad brunch.
    I’ve a Giant Triple Decker
    in my buffy love nest.

    The playboy style is not for us.
    Your pick up, nut rageous.
    Skor a playboy if you please.
    We’re buds on the way
    to Mary Jane for chicken dinner
    and to smile a while.
    She gives us hugs delicia.

    Go look for Mr. Goodbar.

    -Sue Neufarth Howard