Finders Keepers: Friends


By News & Resources Editor Martin Elwell. Send me your found poetry news.

Slam Found Poetry

Stars CollideIt isn’t often that you hear about a friendship between found poetry and slam poetry, but the two collided last week in Columbia, Missouri as part of the Black History Month Protest Poetry Slam. Read more here!

Judges of the Black History Month Protest Poetry Slam named two champions on Friday: Sequoyah Moore in the original poem category and Marshall Allen in the found poem category. Each poet won $100. The event, held in the Leadership Auditorium at MU’s Student Center, featured six competitors. Organizers wanted the night to prompt discussion, promote change and address historical and current events that impact people of African descent.

BuzzFeed Erasure


Just for fun, BuzzFeed decided to befriend Tom Phillips and employ the erasure technique on its own headlines. That’s when things got weird…and dark. Experience it for yourself, here.

What are your friends up to?

This week, I came across three great updates from FPR friends and staff members. Did I miss anything? Add it to the comments section below or email me for next week’s post!

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