Finders Keepers: Found Poetry in the Wild


This post is part of a weekly column highlighting found poetry related news and resources. If you know of found poetry related news, resources or events that should be featured here, please email News & Resources Editor Martin Elwell.

Poet as Archaeologist

ArchAlthough Emilia Phillips doesn’t directly address found poetry in her post for Superstition Review titled “The Unrepeatable Experiment: the Archaeological Work of Poetry,” it’s difficult not to draw parallels. The process of digging, excavating and piecing together artifacts from a site is much like the process of creating erasure or collage poetry from a source text. Whether you’re writing with found or original language, Phillips’ insights may just help you dig a little deeper.

A Rental Unit of Language

PRBIf you enjoy rearranging and renovating language, you’ll love Project Rebuild. “Project Rebuild is an experiment in collaboration. You are invited to move into any of the poems on the site, and renovate them as you will. Your new poem will then join the front page neighborhood.” You can supply the labor, the materials or both. Click here to get started.

Right Hand Pointing

RHPThe most recent issue of Right Hand Pointing, a monthly, online journal where each issue is sequenced and designed to be read from beginning to end, is titled Driftwood: Found Poems. While reading this surreal collection, I found myself laughing out loud and wondering how the poems would wind together to complete the strange and twisted story. It’s essential that you read it, “as in it’s essential you don’t put your great aunt Sally’s / action figures in the aquarium.”

Found Poetry Friday

FridayIf you’re posting found poems to your blog, or if your found poems are published online, you may want to check out Marit Barentsen’s blog, Marit’s Paper World. Each Friday on Marit’s Paper World is Found Poetry Friday, when readers can share links to their own found poems and read found poems linked by others online. And, since Marit is based in the Netherlands, Found Poetry Friday has an international flare.



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