Finders Keepers: Fall Submissions & Poetry News


It’s fall. A lot of journals are open for submissions. Remember, FPR submissions are open until 12/31! More poetry news and items of interest below.

Noctua Review Call for Submissions

This year, Noctua is concerned with poetry and fiction that is on the experimental/conceptual side of things. We do recognize that the line between experimental and traditional can be muddy—and we’d certainly prefer to read a more traditional work of outstanding literary quality over a poor work that is more experimental. Nonetheless, we want to encourage you to submit your more daring work this time around.

Have something to submit? You have until January 31st.

Rosmarie Waldrop’s N+7 of the USA Declaration of Independence

“Shorter American Memory of the Declaration of Independence” by Rosmarie Waldrop (over at Poetry Magazine) applies the N+7 technique to, obviously, the Declaration of Independence.

We holler these trysts to be self-exiled…

The New Yorker‘s profile of Kenneth Goldsmith

The New Yorker profiled Goldsmith:

Goldsmith, who is fifty-four, likes pranks and provocations and making people uncomfortable—challenging behavior, he thinks, is an artist’s prerogative.

and poet Cathy Park Hong responded and discussed the state of poetry, bias, and more:

The more interesting, relevant, and current story is that the poetry world has been riven by a crisis where the old guard—epitomized by Goldsmith—has collapsed.


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