Finders Keepers: Computational Conversation


By News & Resources Editor Martin Elwell. Send me your found poetry news.

Computational Poetry

Can human interactions be commoditized? See for yourself.


Created by Bryan Ma at Parsons, Definitions is a computational poetry installation made up of 15 networked LCDs that searches MIT’s ConceptNet to serve as a metaphor for the use of NLP in commoditizing human activity on the internet. The LCD screens individually display seemingly random English words or phrases one at a time in sequence from the left to the right. When all screens have filled up with words, it restarts and displays a new sequence.

Erasure as Conversation

Interested in flexing your erasure muscles? Here’s a chance to create, share and workshop 12 erasures over four weeks.

Erasure as Conversation approaches a popular poetic technique from the idea of conversing with one’s source text. 4 weeks. 12 new erasures created by you and individually read and critiqued by your peers and faculty. This course begins the first Sunday of the month. Select four source texts of any length before the course begins and erase 3 pages of each per week. We will explore erasure from various angles and use multiple methods of obscuring, erasing, and lifting text. You will have access to class, peer and instructor interaction throughout the course, as part of our comment and forum sections.

Luman in Prelude

The found poetry of Douglas Luman, FPR’s Book Reviews Editor, was recently featured in New York-based Prelude Mag. Check it out here!


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