Finders Keepers: Celebrate Poetry


By News & Resources Editor Martin Elwell. Send me your found poetry news.

It’s National Poetry Month! If you aren’t participating in or following along with FPR’s largest National Poetry Month project to-date, PoMoSco, you can visit the website here. You won’t be disappointed! In addition to PoMoSco, there are many National Poetry Month activities across the country that incorporate found poetry.

National Poetry Month Round-Up

Here are some National Poetry Month activities happening around the country. Blackout poetry is particularly popular this year.

Conceptual Poetry in Myanmar

MyanmarRecently, conceptual poetry made an international appearance in Myanmar, when the Myanmar Times featured an article about conceptual poet Maw Nwei and his efforts to promote poetry in the country.

A lot of people don’t understand conceptual poetry and conceptual artwork. Even poets don’t understand it. But I don’t want people to know about conceptual poetry – I just want them to know about poetry,” he said. I’m not anything famous. I’m just a normal poet. Some people might criticise me but I don’t care. I just want to do my best to promote poetry in Myanmar.


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