Finders Keepers: Bloomsday Hangover


This post is part of a weekly column highlighting found poetry related news and resources. If you know of found poetry related news, resources or events that should be featured here, please email News & Resources Editor Martin Elwell.


As you may know, Monday was Bloomsday. If you’re still feeling a bit groggy after all that James Joyce, I’ve got just the thing. Nothing makes the hurt go away like a little hair of the dog that bit you.


First, if you haven’t checked out the Found Poetry Review’s special issue, Lá Bloom, get reading here. You don’t want to miss out on these beautiful poems crafted from language found in Joyce’s Ulysses.


If you feel your second wind coming on, you can check out a conceptual take on Ulysses by Jacqueline Valencia here. Valencia hand re-wrote the entire novel while adding her own spontaneous illustrations. You can also purchase the book (if any are left) here.


Lastly, if you’re really on a James Joyce bender, here is a seven-hour unabridged reading of Ulysses courtesy of UbuWeb. Don’t forget to drink a glass of water before you go to bed.

In the Margins


If you’re like me, you write in most of the books you read. Here’s a book by Nick Thurston where he removed the literature for a chance to bring his annotations and scribbles forward as art.

Chemical Bath


I do my best to make healthy choices when it comes to food and drink. This art project pretty much ensured that I will never again consume an energy drink. This week, The Guardian shared a series of photographs developed by Stephen Gill using energy drinks instead of chemicals. The results are trippy and, if you make a habit of drinking energy drinks, just a bit disturbing. If you get a chance to look at these images while you’re under the influence of James Joyce, it really enhances the experience.

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