Finders Keepers: Another Dimension of Found Language


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Another Dimension of Found Language

VampWhat kind of poetry can you make with illustrated retro-science fiction, horror-fantasy stories? Well, any kind you like. The cosmos are the limit. Check out the recently released Warren Publishing Archive to access digital copies of magazines such as After Hours, Famous Monsters of Filmland and Vampirella. Whether you’re looking for new and strange sources of found language or a creepy Saturday afternoon read, they’ve got it.

Hit Refresh For More Verbiage

cyberpunkIf you’re into speculative fiction or cyberpunk, this may be the found language source for you. With each refresh, this website generates a new page of language pulled from the works of novelist William Gibson. What’s on today’s menu? “Pistol gang shoes silent meta- shanty town industrial grade hotdog nano- wonton soup,” that’s what.

That’s Not Writing, That’s Plumbing

DBCHDerek Beaulieu, a writing instructor at Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, is making “old school” the future. Calgary Herald recently featured an article about Beaulieu and his encouraged required use of typewriters in the classroom. “By using dead technology…we are in fact learning how to interface with the tools we have now.” Beyond his work in the classroom, Beaulieu has written myriad pieces of conceptual prose and poetry, often exploiting found language to create art. The article is a great introduction to this interesting figure in the Canadian avant-garde.

Competing Inputs

GEarthSometimes things don’t work as intended. Sometimes the result is useless, and other times the result is beautiful. Clement Valla “collects” Google Earth images “where the illusion of a seamless and accurate representation of the Earth’s surface seems to break down.” The result is a stunning and surreal assortment of found imagery that will have you rethinking your perspective.

Poems About Nelson Mandela

SAfricaAs South Africa and the world memorialize Nelson Mandela, Abracadabra Poetry in Toledo, OH has issued a call for “elegies, memorial poems, political statements, commemorations, personal impressions or other texts in any form celebrating or commenting upon the life of Nelson Mandela.” Submission guidelines can be found on the Abracadabra Poetry Facebook page. If you’re interested in making found poetry about Nelson Mandela, you can get started on the Nelson Mandela Foundation’s website.

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