Found Poetry Prompt: Experiments

Photograph of female mad scientist
Photograph of female mad scientist

Photo (c) J. Paxton Reyes

In the spirit of promoting the art of found poetry beyond our four issues per year, we’re launching a series of weekly poetry prompts to get poets writing found poems, erasure poems and centos all year round.

This week’s theme is EXPERIMENTS.

In honor of found poetry — an experimental poetry form — write a found poem related to the idea of experiments. Check out these sample texts/links to get you started, or use a source of your own to come up with this week’s poem.

Write a “experiment”-themed found poem using one of these texts or one of your own, and come back and share your poem in the comments section during the week.


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  • July 6, 2011

    Chris Whitehead


    The motion of a boat along a Dutch canal
    from the late 17th century onward
    between electricity and magnetism

    A state of constant velocity
    to validate physical theories

    Not adequate to characterize the motion
    of two bodies tied to a rope
    in the absence of a non-zero net force

    Put very simply
    the less massive skater
    will draw the horse
    to relax or unbend
    to relax or unbend itself

    The motion of a boat along a Dutch canal
    will be proved in the next scholium