Bowietry Special Issue: Out Now

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We are pleased to announce the launch of a special issue of FPR that is dear to our hearts: Bowietry is a collection of poems made from and inspired by the legacy of David Bowie.

In putting together this issue, we sought poems that breached the confines of their source material to make something new. This is always what we strive for, but we also saw it as the best way to present an FPR volume made in the spirit of Bowie and his music.

In addition to inspiring fans around the world with his music and personas, Bowie was a champion of discovery in the creative process. About his well-documented use of the cut-up writing technique, he said that it works by “igniting anything that might be in my imagination…you can often come out with very interesting attitudes to look into,” calling the cut-up technique a “very western tarot.”

In short, looking outside of ourselves as part of our artistic process can not only help us see things we might not have seen, but it can also teach us about ourselves.

Read more about Bowie’s use of the cut-up technique (video included) over at Open Culture.

Bowietry was made in honor of the Starman, a fellow maker. We hope you’ll enjoy these poems as much as we do!

Poems by:

Dan Chelotti, Marianne Dages, John Farmer, Patrick Gaughan, Erica Gerald Mason, Lillian Necakov, Jesse Nathan, Mark Noack, Winston Plowes, Vincent Toro, Sarah Ann Winn, and Rebecca Yates.


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