Found Poetry Prompt: Backstage

Bryan Adams Concert Stage by Anirudh Koul

Bryan Adams Concert Stage by Anirudh Koul

When musical artists hit the road, they depend on the attention of crews at each concert location to make them feel at home and ensure the venue is properly set up for a smooth performance. To help crews prepare, artists send a rider in advance of their rider. A hospitality rider details the list of items needed to make the band or musician comfortable on the day of the show, while a technical rider provides information on the required setup for sound, lighting and other venue elements.

This week’s theme is BACKSTAGE.

This week, write a found poem from the tour rider of a famous musician or band. Visit The Smoking Gun to view a list of backstage riders for more than 300 artists, ranging from Kelly Clarkson to KISS.

Don’t want to sort through all of the artists? Check out some of the site’s most noteworthy riders:

After you’ve written your poem, come back and share your piece in the comments section below.

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