About the Found Poetry Review

The Found Poetry Review celebrates the poetry in the existing and the everyday.


  • Jenni founded the Found Poetry Review in 2011 after receiving a rejection letter in response to her own found poetry submissions, reading “How about next time you try to write something original and not plagiarize someone else’s work for a change!” And when we say “founded,” we mean bought the website domain in the wee hours of the night and felt like it was still a good idea the next morning.
  • We accept roughly nine percent of the submissions sent to us for each issue.
  • When we can, we send out personalized rejection letters with a few notes about why we rejected your piece.
  • Our editor-and-chief and senior poetry editor met in graduate school at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth (not that Dartmouth) and served as consecutive editors-in-chief for the literary journal Temper. Jenni helped Beth on her “Fresh Ayer” presidential campaign and spent hours Photoshopping her picture to look like the Barack Obama “Hope” poster, only to realize there was an app for that. Beth helped Jenni get through science and technical writing by making big snake jokes.
  • Types of poems we rarely see done well: Craigslist poems, book spine poetry and centos made from song lyrics. We encourage you to accept that as a challenge.
  • We accept submissions nearly year-round, but only read and review poems after the submissions period closes.
  • We are available to travel to your school / city / writers’ center / literary festival to give workshops and talk about found poetry. Discounts available if your town has a dueling piano bar.