April, 2016

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IMPROMPTU #30: Douglas Luman

Before the contemporary internet, the touch-tone phone was king. Many of us flash back to the not-too-distant past, and immediately think of the pterodactyl screech of a 14.4/28.8 dial-up modem while others will likely relive nightmares of finding their way through customer service prompts.

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IMPROMPTU #28: Jenni B. Baker

“I have been thinking a lot about poetry and music. What are the different ways we can translate poetry into music? What would music look like as a poem? Let’s find out.”

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IMPROMPTU #27: Greg Santos

“Finding the Oulipo’s methods tremendously useful, I searched for and created other experimental writing prompts, not only for my workshops, but also for my own poetic practice. Here are some particularly handy examples.”

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IMPROMPTU #22: Nick Montfort

Thirty-five years ago, it was extremely simple to develop small programs combining computing and language — you could type one in within seconds of flipping the computer on. It’s a bit surprising to me, given such a starting point, that literary art hasn’t really extended itself into new, exciting, computational territory the way that architecture has.