December, 2015


Poetry Prompt: A Poem for Emily

One of our editors and friends has been hospital-bound and going through a bout of illness lately. So to make her smile, we’re dedicating this week’s poetry prompt to her. Using one of the following as your source text, we invite you to craft a ‘get well soon’ poem.

Mall Santa Clausjpg

Poetry Prompt: Santas Wanted

This holiday season, every mall, shopping center and photo studio needs its own supply of Santas. For those malls who didn’t get a Santa directly from the North Pole, they’re forced to take a more traditional hiring route: by posting a job ad. This week, we invite you to craft a found poem from language sourced in job ads for Santa.

Philip Metres

Book Review: Sand Opera

At a time reflected by fear- and hatemongering language, creating the hazardous binary discourse of “us versus them,” Philip Metres’ Sand Opera reminds us it’s not that simple; we can’t let ourselves believe it is that inhuman.