November, 2015

Time Warp

Poetry Prompt: If I Could Turn Back Time

You might not be Cher, but you can still explore what you’d do if you could turn back time by participating in this week’s poetry prompt. To start, choose a text with a sequence — something like a diary, a travel narrative or a series of letters. Next, hop over to TextMechanic and input your text into the Reverse Text Generator.

Willy Wonka

Poetry Prompt: Wonkapoem

Stars of the 1971 film, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory recently reunited on the Today show to celebrate the film’s 44th anniversary. For this week’s prompt, take inspiration from Mr. Wonka himself by crafting a candy-inspired poem. Visit the Candy Wrapper Archive (yes, there truly is a website for everything) and craft a poem from words you find on the wrappers.