December, 2014

Ed Bremson

In the Mix: Ed Bremson

I love the process, and I’m often delighted by the product. If I’m not delighted, I need to spend more time with the material until I am delighted with the outcome.


Finders Keepers: Conversations

Found poetry is a popular classroom choice for engaging students of any age in poetry. In this post, teacher Lowri Scourfield from Gloucestershire, England reveals how she used found poetry as a gateway into the art form.

Sarah Nichols

In the Mix: Sarah Nichols

Being a writer was a job that chose me as much as I chose it, and the same is true, I think, when looking for source material; it can’t just be a random work of great literature.

The Source

Book Review: The Source

Part catechism, part scripture, and part parable, The Source serves the larger purpose of becoming an odd type of creation story that uses text to redefine the role and creation of texts.