July, 2014


Finders Keepers: Who’s In Your Poem?

It’s not uncommon for a poet to reference, pay homage to, mention or imitate her influences in a poem. The next step is to use their words, to scramble them together, to “translate” them into a new poem from a new time, a new place and a new author. That is what Jennifer Michael Hecht has done in her collection, Who Said.


Finders Keepers: Incomprehensibly Ordinary

I Googled “math poetry,” and I found this: Mr. R’s World of Math and Science. It’s not at all what you’d think. Instead of poetry created based on mathematics, it’s poetry written to help teach mathematics. Since the poems are a bit silly, I thought they might be good candidates for some Oulipo techniques. Give it a try! Here’s one run through the N+7 Machine: