May, 2014


Finders Keepers: Anything But Normal

Dreaming about summer? Beginning in July, the Chicago School of Poetry is offering seven six-week courses that may help round out your plans. With course offerings titled “Erasure Poetry” and “Remix the Poem,” there is plenty to choose from.


Oulipost: Second Half Highlights

It’s been a little over two weeks since the end of Oulipost, and although the project is over, the poems are still just as enjoyable. In April, the Found Poetry Review editorial team put together a half-time report including some highlights from the first half of Oulipost. Since the end of the month, we’ve been compiling highlights from the second half of the project. Here’s a sample:


Finders Keepers: Altered

Have you ever written your poem in code? Take a look at’s Substitution Cipher. It’s a quick bit of code to help you render your poem or text in a new form. I took a famous poem and rendered it using the “Dancing Men” method of encoding (think Sherlock Holmes). If you can decode the poem, post the title and author in the comments below. Perhaps I’ve left a clue or two somewhere as well.


Finders Keepers: The End

April is over, and the Found Poetry Review’s National Poetry Month project Oulipost has come to a close. It’s been a crazy month full of all kinds of obligations, responsibilities and activities, but somehow a bunch of poets found the time to sit down (almost) every night and compose a poem from a challenging Ouliopost prompt.