March, 2014

La Bloom - Found Poetry from James Joyce's Ulysses

Call for Submissions:
Found Poetry from Ulysses

From now through May 30, 2014, submit your erasure, cut-up and other found poetry sourced from James Joyce’s Ulysses for our upcoming special issue. The edition will be published online on Bloomsday (Lá Bloom) — June 16, 2014 — the 110th anniversary of Leopold Bloom’s walk through Dublin.


Finders Keepers: Where the Work Begins

If you’re working with constraints or making found poetry from a very large source text, you might find the Text Content Analysis Tool at useful. The tool creates a word frequency cloud from your text; provides word, sentence and paragraph counts; provides distributions by word length; and rates your text on level of difficulty.


Finders Keepers: The Dandy

Last week, I stumbled across one of the most interesting blog posts I’ve read in the past six months. If you’ve followed the rise of Metamodernism in contemporary art, forget Shia LaBeouf. The blueprint was provided by early-20th-century French critic Félix Fénéon.


Finders Keepers: Moonlight Promenade

What would happen if someone used brain waves measured by an EEG to make poetry? Check out Mind Your Poetry to find out. The site is a collaboration between several artists and scientists. While the process isn’t entirely clear, the results are interesting short poems displayed in a single dizzying collection.

The ms of my kin

Book Review: The ms of my kin

Often, as the adage goes, those that write the historical texts traditionally part of the “canon” of the narrative of history are written by the victors, the vanquisher, in their own voices and in their own conditions. What Holmes has done reverses the process: history is called to account for the fact that it repeats some of its worst behaviors.