December, 2013


Finders Keepers: Erasure In Action

You can find Erasure poems all over the internet. To start, there are several Pinterest boards dedicated to Erasure Poetry. On YouTube, there is a 90-minute video of three poets presenting their Erasure work at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. And there are many blogs and literary magazines sharing Erasures online and in print…


Finders Keepers: Found Poetry in the Wild

The process of digging, excavating and piecing together artifacts from a site is much like the process of creating erasure or collage poetry from a source text. Whether you’re writing with found or original language, Phillips’ insights may just help you dig a little deeper.

Reddy Voyager

Book Review: Voyager

True, Voyager is the tale of one man, but it is the story of what we leave behind when we depart this living galaxy and how those left behind will make sense of it.