February, 2012

Man sleeping with back to the camera

A Length of Gut

Your hands adore or abandon / my trust, open as the doors / of your house, a sword in the scabbard / of my body.



Within this riveted Babylon, a glib / superstructure that keeps the summer / fire inside, a mute vibration passes / between us.

Women exercising with tennis rackets

Soon, If Not Today

Stand erect with abdomen well in. Arms at thrust, fists closed, / knuckles downward. Put into action that old bromide: / good riddance to bad rubbish.

Red Couch Project Set 8

Fudge Pot

Something has happened and I want to celebrate that. / I am not sleeping. Last night / we got hot dogs.

Photograph of a fusebox


1 – Downstairs bathroom / middle room / 2 – Dishwasher / 3 – Laura’s room / hall / bathroom / dining room

Photograph of woman in Ho Chi Minh hotel room


He breaks the rules: / uses the guest room / for purposes other / than sleeping, eating and drinking.