July, 2011

Found Poetry Prompt: Grammar On

Grammar isn’t just for elementary school students any more — blow the dust off your old writing textbooks (or click over to our links below) to give traditional writing texts a new life.
This week’s prompt is: GRAMMAR ON

Many of the famous writing and grammar books — Strunk and White’s Elements of Style included (authors pictured above) — are a rich source for found poems. Dig into these texts’ imperative language and often amusing example sentences to find your found poem this week.

Found Poetry Prompt: Fairy Tales

Fairy tales have become both a staple and a point of contention in contemporary culture, with some painting them as harmless and others insisting they create unrealistic expectations about life and love. The attention these stories continue to attract these days and the availability of many of these texts online make them a perfect starting point for this week’s found poem.
This week’s theme is FAIRY TALES.

Whether you’re young or just young at heart, use one or more fairy tales as the source text for this week’s poem.

Bryan Adams Concert Stage by Anirudh Koul

Found Poetry Prompt: Backstage

When musical artists hit the road, they depend on the attention of crews at each concert location to make them feel at home and ensure the venue is properly set up for a smooth performance. To help crews prepare, artists send a rider in advance of their rider. A hospitality rider details the list of items needed to make the band or musician comfortable on the day of the show, while a technical rider provides information on the required setup for sound, lighting and other venue elements.
This week’s theme is BACKSTAGE.

This week, write a found poem from the tour rider of a famous musician or band. Visit The Smoking Gun to view a list of backstage riders for more than 300 artists, ranging from Kelly Clarkson to KISS.

Tea Party 900x400

Found Poetry Prompt: Etiquette

Whether you strive to be on your best conduct “under all circumstances in life” or believe there are times when everyone just needs to relax and check their best behavior at the door, we invite you to write a found poem related to this week’s theme.
This week’s theme is ETIQUETTE.

Use Emily Post’s Etiquette in Society, in Business, in Politics and at Home as the source text for this week’s found poem — whether sincere, satire or something in between.

Three Duets

— — Melville and Crowley If the Sperm Whale be physiognomically a Sphinx, —to the phrenologist his brain seems that geo‑ —metrical circle which…


— — P.            1,            para 3,            line 1            Small Colleges P.            4,            para 2,            line 4           pattern P.            8,            para 3,            line 5          …

Life Story

— — I started out in the Virginia mountains. Cardinals flickered against the snow like feathered garnets. – In the kitchen we strung beans….

Questions to ChaCha

— — I am a girl. Will I grow a penis, —-if I eat mushrooms? Is it bad for the baby to quit —-smoking…


— — Birth 1964 (creased with folding) witness my hand I do hereby certify that this is a true copy a name given to…

Temper Cento

— — Move closer. I want to tell you a story. It has its blood knots, its changing water, long fingers of grass, the…