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Olio - Cover

Book Review: Olio

Olio examines the way that we experience stories that become integral parts of our consciousness—those intimately bound in the social fabric with which we surround ourselves.

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Book Review: Staying Alive

From the “stuff” of humanity, Sims is checking in on what one post-human moment could look like, given a composite of material which recognizes that the material for language must come from some hodgepodge of originary sources.


Book Review: Obliterations

O’Neill and Piazza work to create this kind of boundary-obscuring version of erasure one in which any ghosts of the text are, even if only briefly, chased away, clearing space for a multiplicity of new speakers.

"All writing is in fact cut ups. A collage of words read heard overheard. What else?" -- William Burroughs