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Finders Keepers: Celebrities, Legends and Originality

My favorite technique is Pickworth’s choice to replace nouns in certain texts with the word “Bigfoot.” It’s surprising how transformative a word replacement can be. If you’re searching for Bigfoot, or just a great book of poetry, you can find Bigfoot for Women here.

In the Mix with George McKim

In the Mix: George McKim

A painting professor of mine once said “a real artist can made a good painting from anything,” and I believe that applies to poets who write found poetry.


Poetry Prompt: Words of the Year

If this open-ended prompt is stressful, then perhaps you could vape, take a selfie, hug your bae, and then try again.

"All writing is in fact cut ups. A collage of words read heard overhead. What else?" -- William Burroughs